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This release contains OSBS official image builds of all code in release-4.17 (master) branches, and is updated after those builds are synced to

Name Phase Started Failures Upgrades
Next release may not start: waiting for 2h54m53s, no more than 1 pending
4.17.0-0.nightly-2024-06-19-082854 Ready 65 minutes ago 73 pending 5 failed 4.16.0-0.nightly-2024-06-18-190130
4.17.0-0.nightly-2024-06-19-002316 Rejected 9 hours ago 26 failed 4.16.0-0.nightly-2024-06-18-130927
4.17.0-0.nightly-2024-06-18-162937 Rejected 17 hours ago 22 failed 4.16.0-0.nightly-2024-06-18-054744
4.17.0-0.nightly-2024-06-18-092619 Rejected 24 hours ago install-analysis-all 26 failed 4.16.0-0.nightly-2024-06-18-054744 4.16.0-0.nightly-2024-06-14-130320
4.17.0-0.nightly-2024-06-18-031620 Rejected 30 hours ago install-analysis-all 27 failed 4.16.0-0.nightly-2024-06-14-130320
4.17.0-0.nightly-2024-06-17-213949 Rejected 35 hours ago 25 failed 4.16.0-0.nightly-2024-06-14-130320
4.17.0-0.nightly-2024-06-13-010514 Accepted 6 days ago 19 failed 4.16.0-0.nightly-2024-06-12-064233
4.17.0-0.nightly-2024-06-12-101500 Accepted 6 days ago 19 failed 4.16.0-0.nightly-2024-06-11-104727
4.17.0-0.nightly-2024-06-10-225505 Accepted 8 days ago 29 failed 4.16.0-0.nightly-2024-06-07-024651
4.17.0-0.nightly-2024-06-07-045541 Accepted 12 days ago 14 failed 4.16.0-0.nightly-2024-06-06-121839
4.17.0-0.nightly-2024-06-06-195342 Accepted 12 days ago 14 failed 4.16.0-0.nightly-2024-06-06-121839
4.17.0-0.nightly-2024-06-06-110324 Accepted 12 days ago 19 failed 4.16.0-0.nightly-2024-06-05-082646
4.17.0-0.nightly-2024-06-06-061523 Accepted 13 days ago 24 failed 4.16.0-0.nightly-2024-06-05-082646
4.17.0-0.nightly-2024-06-05-160042 Accepted 13 days ago 16 failed 4.16.0-0.nightly-2024-06-03-060250

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